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It's time to get your data in a row.

Polyeda was made to turn raw data into meaningful decision-supporting insights, in real time.

Polyeda Dashboard
Polyeda Chatbot Survey
Polyeda Participant Dashboard
All In One Platform.

POLYEDA is a powerful one-stop-shop platform that manages all research processes. From initiating projects and data collection, to extracting insights out of complex data, all with minimal effort and without the need of external resources.

Polyeda Reporting & Dashboards
Polyeda Data Analytics
Polyeda Participant Panel
Polyeda Data Collection
Polyeda Survey Builder
Polyeda Project MNGT
Product Features 

Survey Builder 

Create any survey you need,

simple or complex.

Green Browser
Polyeda Survey Builder
Polyeda Survey Flow

Project Management

Purple Browser
Polyeda projects
Polyeda project timeslots

Manage your projects through scheduled distribution time slots, setting event locations, assigning participants, sending notifications, and more.

Access RelevenAudiences

Access relevant audiences by managing all information from your participant panel and contact list in one place, and finding the most relevant audiences for your projects.

Polyeda Participant Panel

Collect & Analyze Data

Red Browser
Polyeda Analytics

Collect data, merge it with other datasets if needed, and easily run statistical analyses to discover new insights.

Yellow Browser

Generate & Share Reports And Dashboards

Blue Browser
Polyeda Analytics Presentations
Polyeda Analytics Presentations

Create online reports and dashboards to share your insights with whoever you want.

Trusted By

Israel Tax Authority

Israel tax authority

Yad Hanadiv

MATAN Investing in the community

United Way
The Hebrew University
aChord Center
Real Time Data Institution

Real Time Data Institution


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